• Contested Common Land - This book makes a major contribution to common pool resource studies. It offers a new perspective on the sustainable governance of common resources, grounded in contemporary and archival research on the common lands of England and Wales - an important common resource with multiple, and often conflicting, uses. It encompasses ecologically sensitive environments and landscapes, is an important agricultural resource and provides public access to the countryside for recreation.
    Author(s): Christopher P. Rodgers, Eleanor A. Straughton, Angus J.L. Winchester and Margherita Pieraccini (2011)
  • Potential Observatory Services and RDP Co-operation - This feasibility study was commissioned by the Foundation for Common Land to explore ways to create collaboration between commoners. The results of the study have formed the basis for the development of the Foundation.
    Author(s): Gwyn Jones and Kate Gascoyne (2010)
  • Commons Council Guidance Leaflets - These publications from Natural England feature a significant input from members of the Foundation, enabling us to influence the Commons Council processes and to ensure that current practice was accurately reflected in the advice given in these leaflets.
    Author(s): Foundation for Common Land (2010)
  • CAP Reform 2013 - last chance to stop the decline of Europe's High nature Value farming? - This policy document on HNV farming is a joint publication between EFNCP, BirdLife International, Butterfly Conservation Europe and WWF. It proposes a system of payments to promote a more environmentally and economically sustainable model of farming for Europe.
    Author(s): Guy Beaufoy, Katrina Marsden (2010)
  • Trends in Common Grazing - This report provides an updated and more geographically precise picture of common grazing in Scotland in 2010 as well as a snapshot of their socio-economic context in terms of actual use, administration and attitudes of those managing the grazings.
    Author(s): Gwyn Jones (2011)
  • Better Outcomes on Upland Commons - This report presents data from five upland commons across England to draw out the characteristics of the successful delivery of multiple outcomes over the same area of land. The purpose is to inform the development of upland policies and programmes for these cultural landscapes which are cherished and visited by millions. Common Land was used as the focus of the project as it encompasses many of the conflicts and challenges of the wider upland countryside.
    Author(s): Julia Aglionby and Robert Morris (2014)
  • Trends in pastoral commoning - This report was commissioned by Natural England to provide an understanding of the extent, role and significance of pastoral commoning in England and to identify trends from which likely future scenarios can be predicted.
    Author(s): The Pastoral Commoning Partnership with H&H Bowe Limited (2009)
  • High Nature Value Farming in Europe - This landmark volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject and outlines how the concept can be applied in 35 European states. It is richly illustrated throughout with colour photographs, maps and figures.
    Author(s): Edited by Rainer Oppermann, Guy Beaufoy and Gwyn Jones (2012)
  • Natural England Publications Catalogue - To access the new catalogue go to: http://publications.naturalengland.org.uk/
    Author(s): Natural England (2012)
  • Supporting common grazings through agri-environment - lesson from an ex post evaluation - This report examines the reasons for a very low uptake of agri-environment schems on common grazings in Scotland, even though these are natural candiates for this type of scheme.
    Author(s): Gwyn Jones (2012)
  • The Apportionment of Agri-Environment Schemes Monies on Common Land in England - It is now more than 25 years since agri-environment schemes (AES) were introduced in England. On common land these AE agreements are complex and involve many stakeholders with different property rights (landowners, tenants and common right interests). But there is no clear guidance or general understanding about how these AES monies are distributed amongst the various parties and how this relates to their contribution to delivering the scheme. This report attempts to understand what is actually happening on the ground.
    Author(s): Christopher Short and John Waldon (2013)
  • Inclosure Act: Hexhamshire and Allendale - Read the actual Inclosure Act for dividing and inclosing certain Parts of the Commons, Moors, or Tracts of Waste Land,called Hexhamshire, and Allendale.
    Author(s): Annon (1754)
  • State of commoning in Wales report 2015 - This report investigates the state of commoning in Wales in 2015
    Author(s): Sion Brackenbury (2015)