A number of our commoners are worried about their third party liability, particularly to do with straying stock and public access. Do you know of a suitable policy for a Commoners Association? No luck with the NFU so far. Normally the freeholder would have such insurance but should that not be adequate any claiment would probably then persue the Association.

Any help much appreciated.

regards Richard Robinson



I undertook a straw poll among the committee members of the Federation of Cumbria Commoners. Of the people who responded none of their Commoners' Association had third party liability insurance. This is because the Associations are not separate legal identities unless they are incorporated as a company.Therefore the onus is on the owner of the livestock to have  their own third party insurance. We have examples where each commoner has to undertake to take out public liability insurance of at least £2 million when they sign up their HLS or UELS.