Hello I have purchased 30 acres of land from a Water Authority which has certain rights of common granted on it. How do I find out who has the rights  to the land and what the commoner can or cannot do? Have so many questions but have found it difficult to source the answers


There are various things you can do:

You should check your copy of the sale contract and Conveyance to see if you have acquired the rights. If you have it should say that “section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925 will apply”. 

You can check the Register of Common land and of common rights held by your County Council. They will tell you the extent of the whole common, the nature of the rights, and to what in-bye land rights exercisable upon it are attached. 

Once you have found out if you own rights of common it is good idea to find out if the common is entered into an agri-environment scheme as this will affect your rights, particularly grazing rights. I suggest that you look at http://www.natureonthemap.naturalengland.org.uk and   http://magic.defra.gov.uk/  These sites will allow you to indentify whether the common is in an agri-environment scheme.