We resubmitted the application to the Heritage Lottery Fund on June 12th for a decision in late September. Below is the project summary:

At the heart of England’s most loved and visited places are Commons managed by commoners’ traditional husbandry systems. Our project will enhance the centuries-old heritage of upland commons in four of England’s most significant cultural landscapes.

Commons' natural and cultural heritage has declined and Brexit threatens the viability of commoning and the value of commons to society.

We address these threats under three Aims;

  • ‘Enabling Collaborative Management’,
  • ‘Reconnecting People with Commons’ and
  • ‘Improving Public Benefits’:

We plan to collectively build skills, trial practical conservation, and through learning and volunteering, increase and celebrate ancient cultural practices and environmental assets.

Our legacy will be more people enjoying and understanding commons and communities empowered to safeguard the heritage of commons. A national approach is essential to create bridges of learning between dispersed sites with similar characteristics. Outcomes will be significantly greater and enduring than through individual projects.