Tuesday 4 December 2018

The Foundation for Common Land and its partners in the Our Common Cause Heritage Lottery project wish to appoint a consultant to develop and support specific communication elements. These are for the development stage of our project including the development of an interpretation plan and also to inform the delivery phase of the project.

The scope of work includes some initial work on defining target audiences, best communication media for those audiences and key messages followed by two complementary and parallel elements focusing on communications support in the development stage (now until October 2019), and planning for interpretation activity for the delivery stage which we anticipate will follow after bid submission in November 2019. The consultant(s) will:

  • Identify target audiences, most effective communication methods and key messages for the Project
  • Consider options for how the project should best be branded, and design project branding elements
  • New website design and build for the Foundation for Common Land incorporating the Our Common Cause project
  • Provide a design for the Commons Charter
  • Develop a newsletter for Our Common Cause

You can download the tender brief below. Deadline for submission is 11th January 2019