Friday 12 October 2018

The Foundation for Common Land and its partners in the Our Common Cause Project, wish to appoint a consultant or team of consultants to make an assessment of existing knowledge and research into changes in bracken, gorse and heather cover, give an accurate analysis of the reasons for these changes and consider a range of approaches to bracken management other than aerial spraying. In addition the study should consider current and developing approaches to tick control in livestock.

The consultant will be required to provide a detailed report which includes recommendations for appropriate management and control measures in the delivery stage of the Our Common Cause project.

The perceived increase in bracken cover on common land is identified as a major problem by a variety of stakeholders. However, bracken can also be a valuable component of moorland habitat and has benefits for some wildlife. This study should therefore take a balanced view - to give a picture of changes in cover and a focus on appropriate bracken management, suited to place and management objectives, rather than on eradication – the ultimate aim being to successfully deliver multiple outcomes on common land.

You can download the tender brief below. Deadline for submission is 31st October 2018