Wednesday 25 July 2018

The Foundation for Common Land and its partners in the Our Common Cause Project wish to appoint a consultant to work with freelance project staff and a range of stakeholders to investigate and evaluate the role of social cohesion and local culture in the functioning of commons on Dartmoor and in the Yorkshire Dales. An assessment will be made of those factors that are likely to impact on the future management of commons, especially those that could prevent longer term management including skill transfer, farmer capacity and succession.

The findings of the research will need to be collated and analysed, in collaboration with the project team, so as to develop clear ideas and costings for delivery projects to address social cohesion issues and challenges at a local level.The study should also provide some baseline indicators and qualitative data around the ‘health of social cohesion’ in each study area that could form part of an evaluative tool for measuring social cohesion now and at the end of the delivery period.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 5pm 17th August.

For more inormation download the following documents.