The Charter was launched in September 2009. It creates the basis for organisations who wish to be involved in the Foundation and share most, but perhaps not all, of its aims. However, all signatories of the Charter are committed to Great Britain's pastoral commons as significant, viable and vital to a sustainable future for our living landscape.

Foundation for Common Land Charter


Everyone concerned about the future of common land and commoning is invited to endorse the Charter and make a commitment to the following principles, approach and values


We believe that:

  • The active management of common land makes a significant contribution to rural economies and the maintenance of local communities
  • The active grazing of commons provides substantial public benefits by managing land to enhance its landscape, biodiversity, access, heritage and other environmental goods
  • Common land and the exercise of common rights are fundamental components of our historic and ongoing culture


  • We will raise awareness of the national importance of commons and commoning
  • We will create and support networks amongst commoners to seek solutions and sieze opportunities


  • Collaborative working, mutuality and respect